BTS News 12-13/08/2020

Kim Taehyung

First and Only Asian Soloist

With Inner Child achieving 82 #1 on iTunes, Kim Taehyung becomes the First and Only Asian Soloist in history to chart two songs at #1 in 82 countries.

Kim Taehyung

First and Only Artist in the World

“Sweet Night” has officially reached #1 in Dominica so it now has achieved 116 #1 on iTunes extending its record as the song with the most #1’s in iTunes history. Kim Taehyung also extends his record as the First and Only artist in the World to chart a song at #1 in 116 countries. 

Jeon Jungkook

Another #1

“My Time” by Jeon Jungkook has officially reached #1 in Macau extending its record to 97 #1’s. Jungkook also is now the 3RD KOREAN SOLOIST with the Most #1’s on iTunes Worldwide with 97 and surpasses J-Hope with 90.

Bangtan Sonyeondan

11 Billion streams

BTS has now surpassed 11 billion streams on Spotify. 

Bangtan Sonyeondan

Japanese Comeback

“Your Eyes Tell” by BTS has now reached #1 in Tajikistan extending its record to 110 #1’s on iTunes, and has becomes the fastest song in history to reach #1 on iTunes in 110 countries.

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