Happy Birthday Linda

Linda we love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow and we hope you have the happiest birthday – KA team


Happy birthday Linda!!! I can’t believe how far you’ve come & how much we’ve grown together. You’re one of the first people on this bird app that I met, and I’m so happy that we’re still close. You are so strong, and so caring and you mean the world to me. You’ve gone through so much in the last year, but you keep fighting and keep doing amazing things that I know you’re gonna be fine. I can’t wait until the day we can meet in person and I hope we stay friends for a long time 🥺 I value your friendship so much, and I love you with my whole heart❤️ – Rebe




Hi linda bub 🥺 Happy Happy Birthday darling 💕 I love you so much thank you for being the kindest human I have ever met, thank you also for letting me be part of the KA team it means so much and the friendship that I have made because of you I will forever cherish 💜. I hope you are always happy and that you are safe and healthy 💕 Always smile and you shine the brightest when you are happy 🌸 – Riri



Happiest birthday to the baddest bitch! Linda you’re one of the strongest person I know. You have been through so much and I’m so proud of you for always standing up for yourself. Please never change. I hope you always remember that there are people who love you and are willing to do everything to make you happy. One of the things I really love about you is your open-mindedness. You always respect and consider everything we suggest. You are a great listener and really have a big heart. I’m so glad to have a friend like you. You are my favourite clown, I love you so much 💕 – Beyza




Happy Birthday!! Linda, it’s hasn’t been very long since I met you, but I’m glad I did, you are one of the strongest yet kindest person I met here. You have been through a lot of stuff and I’m so proud of you for always standing up speaking out, stay the same. And I’m be short of words to thank you for letting me be a part of KA and met you all it means so much to me, I’ll forever cherish this. I just hope you be healthy and happy and keep smiling bright. I love you sm Linda Happy Birthday again!! 🥺💕 – Avani




They say we are lucky to have someone we can confide in, in a heartbeat. For me in this app it has been you for quite some time now. I will forever love you for never losing faith in me, for holding me strong when I was breaking down and for giving me love when I needed it the most. I hope I can be all of these things to you too.

May you have the bestest birthday, the bestest friends , the best of everything from now on

With lots and lots of love,
Bis 💜💜




Happy birthday Linda!! I can’t put into words how much I love you . At first I followed because you were so interesting and funny. You were (u still are😼) one of my fav accounts. And now we became such good friends. You are such a loving, caring, kindest , sweetest angel . You mean so much to me. You are so so so strong. You went through so much last year and this year but you didn’t up and kept going.. for that I’m so proud of you. You being the kindest angel you are built the site , spent countless sleepless nights and your money on it. I’m so lucky to call such an angel like you my friend. I really want to be someone you lean on and trust me . I wish I can collect all the love in the world and shower it all on you . You deserve only the best ..again I love you sooo much 💜 have the bestest birthday and a beautiful year ahead baby – Teju 💖