Junk Terror Bill!

Hi everyone,

I’m writing this to you guys with a heavy heart as I learned that the President of the Philippines just passed the Terror Bill which basically takes away everyone’s freedom of speech and you can not say anything against the government or many other things or you can be considered as a terrorist. The bill is terrifying because it can easily be manipulated and can be used for the government to controlled their citizens. It basically takes away your freedom. Please I urge every single one of you to educate yourself on this and sign as many petitions as you can and use your platform to help our Filo friends. I may not be from the Philippines but I do know what’s wrong from right and speaking up is the right thing to do! Everyone please do the same! I will also link the caard that has a lot of information on this at the top of the site so anyone can access also! I will now post some pictures that you guys can look over for a little more insights. I am with you guys! I am so sorry you guys are having to go through this I will do everything in my power to try to help. I love you guys!

-chaoticvkook (Linda)



Bill of Rights. Know your rights in case you are wrongly accused:

Caard with links to petitions, updates, and many more:

What is the Terror Bill:

Know your rights:

The heartless mother fuckers faces and names you should remember. The ones who made created the Terror Bill.

Why the Terror Bill violates Filipinos constitutional rights:

The president knew it could easily be manipulated:

More on what the bill does:

Fast facts on the bill:

Which apps are encrypted and which apps aren’t! Be careful!

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