Linda's Updates

Launching Korea’s Ass

Hi everyone,

This is Linda aka chaoticvkook from twitter. I started this out just wanting to share free army zip contents with everyone on my google drive, then it I decided to live-steam Bang Bang con and it made so many people happy that I was able to stream it for them. Through all that I realized how much I love doing this and love sharing my happiness with everyone. So I decided I was going to continue to purchase more Bangtan contents and post more for everyone; which led me to this site. I will be using the site to upload links for paid bangtan contents. I will also continue to upload pictures and army zip contents on the google drive. I will post a schedule of things I will start uploading but please bear with me. I am new to all this and still has a lot of learning to do. I may also not be exactly on time with contents because I do work from 11am my time til 7-9pm. Please keep in mind I might not be able to post ALL paid content because I do live alone and have to pay for everything on my own, but whatever paid content I can afford I promise I will share them with you guys!

Someone suggested I create this wordpress to share all my contents and monetize it to use the money I get from it to buy more contents to share and use any extra money I receive to donate to charity. I asked everyone and they all agreed I should do that as long as I am transparent with the revenues which I will be!

In order for me to monetize the wordpress I would have to use the business plan which costs money which I unfortunately can’t afford right away so someone else suggested I make a kofi for anyone who wants to donate and I would again use the money to set up the monetize wordpress, buy contents, and donate to charity. The kofi link is at the top of the page for anyone who wants it.

I also linked my Youtube channel that I started where I will be posting personal things like unboxing videos, my edits and vlogs. If you want, please subscribe to my channel it would mean a lot to me! 🙂

If I make any mistakes please educate me instead of sending me hate, cancelling me or attacking me is all I ask from you guys.

That’s all for now. Let’s be happy together always and can’t wait to share this journey for the love I have for 7 universe in my life with everyone!


chaoticvkook (linda)