Kim Nam Joon

Leader & main rapper


 “Rap Monster”

Namjoon uploaded “Rap Monster” to SoundCloud in 2012, which is where his stage name comes from.



“Party (CCO)”

In his 3 year trainee period, he helped work on “Party (XXO)” for Big Hit’s girl group GLAM.



 “130206 Freestyle”

Feb 20 2013, Namjoon uploaded “130206 Freestyle” on SoundCloud making a total of 4 freestyles before their debut



Solo tracks

Namjoon uploads solo tracks “Where U At” and “Favorite Gurl” on SoundCloud in 2012



 Freestyle 3 and 4

Freestyle 3 was released March 24th and “Freestyle 4” was released April 1st 2013



March 4th 2015, RM released a single featuring Warren G titled “P.D.D (Please Don’t Die)”



 “Bucku Bucku”

RM featured on a hip hop group MFBTY’s song titled “Bucku Bucku” appearing in the MV and having a cameo in the groups MV for “Bang Diggy Bang Bang”

Variety program

Namjoon was casted on a Korean variety program called Problematic Men, a show with puzzles and problems to solve. RM left the show after 22 episodes due to touring with BTS.


 First solo mixtape

March 17, 2015 RM released his first solo mixtape, RM which ranked 48 on Spin’s “50 Best Hip Hop Albums is 2015”



RM worked with Kwon Jin-ah on Primary’s “U” in April 2015.


August 2015 RM collated with Marvel for Fantastic Four’s soundtrack in Korea, working on the single “Fantastic”



In August 2016 Homme released a single called “Dilemma” which was co-produced by RM and Bang Si-Hyuk


In March 2017, Namjoon collaborated with Wale for a track called “Change” and released a MV


RM also featured on “Gajah” by Gaeko (of Dynamic Duo)


December 2017 Namjoon collaborated with Fall Out Boy on a Remix of “Champion”. This track reached #18 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles. December 27, Namjoon made history as the first K-Pop artist to chart on the Rock Digital Songs Chart, with #2.



In 2018, Namjoon released his second mixtape, Mono. He became the first Korean artist to rank number one on the Emerging Artists Chart in the US. Mono currently has 116 #1’s on iTunes Worldwide making him the first and only Asian artist in the world to have an album charting this high, and surpasses both Adele and Taylor Swift. With this album, Namjoon also joins Yoongi as the ONLY Asian soloists to get an All-Kill album in the 8 major music markets.


November 2018 Namjoon featured on Tiger JK’s final album, with the song “Timeless”

“Crying over you”

March 27, 2019 Namjoon featured on Honne’s song “Crying Over You” with BEKA


Namjoon’s solo song on Map of the Soul: Person “Persona” debuted at #17 on Billboard’s YouTube song chart.

“Seoul Town Road”

July 24, 2019 Namjoon featured on a remix of a Lil Nas X song, the remix being titled “Seoul Town Road”

 “Winter Flower”

January 6, 2020 Namjoon featured on Younha’s track “Winter Flower”



In January 2020, Namjoon was promoted from an associate to a full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association, along with Hoseok and Yoongi.



RM has reached 3 Million followers on Spotify, joining J-Hope as the only Korean Soloists to have this achievement.