Run BTS: EP. 105

Hello everyone!

The site is back and so is my laptop! Oh how I miss uploading video contents. Here’s the link for episdode 105. I will post the link for Ep. 106 today also too and more packages!

Also I set up a donation link on the side of the site that will send the money to my paypal because a lot of people said they couldn’t send it through Ko-Fi and also Ko-Fi charges a lot of money too! The Ko-Fi link will still be available but remember now there’s a paypal option available too. I still have not reached my goal yet and had to borrow money for this site. I’m currently waiting on approval for the monetized ad and will keep you guys updated. Please spread my Ko-Fi link and paypal link if you guys can because I am struggling a lot and any amount will help. Thank you so much for all your support. I love you all!

-chaoticvkook (linda)

Ep 105 Behind the Scenes:



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