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Upcoming week!

Hi guys!

It’s Sunday night. That means the week is ending and a new one is going to start for me. I wanted to give you a little update about what’s coming up next week so you guys can look out for it. First thing’s first stream “Stay Gold” here’s the link!

But before I say anything else I wanted to post a little announcement please take a bit to read and help me spread ?.

“Armys all around the world,

Army day (July 9) is just around the corner and the 2020 Global Army Song project is finally coming once again!!✨ Stay tuned on June 30 (12am KST) for a BIG Announcement!!! ?♥️ Kindly follow @BTSILM0613 for more upcoming announcements. ?”

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So I recently bought an external usb to put all my contents on as I told you guys Friday! I also order the DVD player so I can upload muster next week! So by the end of next week I’ll have muster available for you guys! I also bought a table so I can sit on because my back is killing me from crouching on my bed! Haha. I’ll also upload a short unboxing video on YouTube next week ? On Monday I will upload episode 105 behind the scenes and BV4 ep2.

I also wanted to thank these people for being so kind to me and sending in donations to help me, making logos, and fan arts for me. It honestly means the world to me! Thank you thank you so much. It honestly makes everything I’m doing all worth it! I love you guys to much! ? Also if anyone would like to help me my Kofi link is here and also at the top of the site! Thank you everyone I hope you all have a fantastic week! Thank you for all your kind words! Don’t forget to smile everyone!


Linda (chaoticvkook)

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